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Stretching Guide - Taping Method

What's this taping method you speak of?
It's when you gradually add layers of tape to a plug, and slowly and gently stretch your piercing. It's our favourite way of stretching a piercing, and much kinder than brute force or tapers.

Sounds good, what do I need?
You will need:

  1. a single flare titanium/surgical steel/glass plug, eyelet or tunnel. Do not use organic materials, such as stone, or wood, nor should you use silicone or acrylic.
  2. PTFE or bondage tape (we sell PTFE tape here),
  3. some lubricant (we like jojoba oil, almond oil will do the trick as well),
  4. and a pair of scissors.
  5. Oooh, and, to begin with, patience, cos taping up can get a bit fiddly at times.

Do not use anything like baby oil, vaseline or insulating tape, these are pretty bad for your piercings and we want your piercings to be happy.

OK, got all that. Now what do I do?
1. Get your plug and a small amount of tape then wind two layers of tape around the plug neatly, you don't want no lumps or bumps there. It's a bit tricky to begin with, but you will get there.

2. Give the piercing site a massage with your chosen lubricant (really, you should do this regularly, your ears will love you for it). Add more of the lube to the taped part of the plug, and you'll see the tape go transparent. This is good.

3. Carefully insert the taped and lubed plug into the piercing. It should go in with little resistance, if you do get resistance then remove some of the tape and try again. Only add more tape if it feels a bit loose.

4. Leave for five days. It can be tempting to add a couple of more layers the next day, but don't do it, you want to be gentle, otherwise you'll probably have a fistula like a cat's bum when you get to 40. Only add a layer or two of more tape if it feels really loose.

5. If you've left it for five days, then yay, add a couple of more layers of tape. Give your ears a massage and lube up the plug. Repeat steps 3 to 5.

6. After a couple of weeks, you should be up to the next size \o/

Brilliant, I've patiently taped, waited and I've gone from 8mm to 10mm. Can I go up again?
Not yet, you're best of waiting six weeks between stretches, just to let any trauma heal up thoroughly. Massage your stretched piercing with Bio Oil/jojoba oil if you feel impatient, this will aid collagen production and give you a nicer, fatter, healthier piercing, ripe for big and beautiful jewellery. The most important thing we can stress is, as well as using piercing-safe materials, is to take your time. It'll be worth it.