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Faux Plugs

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Faux Plugs / Gauges - Ocean of Ice White Pastel Faux Dichro - READY NOW
Off-white faux plug with flashes of pastel orange and green. Looks like an 8mm / 0g plug...
From: £13.99 £5.99
Faux Plugs / Gauges - Dragonfly Wing Woodland Bronze Purple Faux Dichro - READY NOW
Iridescent dragonfly wing effect fake plugs with flashes of browns, purples, blues, greens, and m..
From: £13.99 £5.99
Faux Plugs / Gauges - Chromatic Death Purple Rainbow Colour-Flash PAIR - READY NOW
Faux plugs with fronts of flashing rainbow, like some sort of liquid light. Looks like 8m..
From: £12.99 £5.99

Buy surgical steel ear 1.2mm fake / faux plugs. These give the illusion that you're wearing 8mm / 0g plugs. Suitable for wear on their own or for secondary piercings to match your plugs.
Choose between glitter, dichroic, galaxy, nebula, wedding, prom and custom faux / fake plugs, or make a custom request for your own special ones.