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3mm / 8g Eyelets and Tunnels

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LAST ONES: 3mm / 8g Off-White Double Flared Acrylic Tunnel Eyelet Plug
3mm / 8g off-white acrylic double flared tunnel / eyelet. Listing is for ONE PLUG ONLY. P..
From: £1.00 £0.49
316L Surgical Steel Eyelet Single or Double Flared
Choose between single flared or double flared 316L surgical steel tunnels / eyelets. O-ri..
From: £5.00 £3.99

Buy 3mm / 8g glass, 316L surgical steel, titanium, acrylic and wood plugs, gauges, stretchers, tunnels and eyelets for your ears.
Choose between glitter, dichro, galaxy, nebula, abstract, wedding, prom and custom flesh tunnels.