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Jewellery Aftercare

How do I care for my plugs?
We try to make our products as tough as possible and test them thoroughly, but we recommend that you avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or getting them hot and/or humid as this may spoil the finish.  Please avoid exposing them to things that contain harsh chemicals (nail polish remover or hairspray for example) as this could ruin them. We would also advise against immersing them in water and sleeping in them.

Our plugs CAN NOT be autoclaved.

What about cleaning them?
Soap and water will do the job nicely on both our resin and glass plugs. You may clean metal parts of with an alcohol swap (available with your order on request). Important - do NOT clean resin tops with alcohol, it may ruin the finish!

Do they have a warranty?
Yes, for one year from date of purchase. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by ignoring the aftercare instructions, or dropping them.

Errrr, yeah, I damaged my plugs by wearing them whilst dying my hair pink, then blasted them with a hair-dryer then fell asleep during Newsnight. Then dropped them :( Can you fix them?
We can repair them most of the time. Please contact us if your plugs need saving -- please note that there will be a small charge, depending on what needs doing to them.